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for the children

Chapter Book/8-10 years old
Fairy Tales and Folklore inspired
It includes some elements of fantasy

There was a rumour that has been spreading around the school playground about the existence of a mythical creature.

Gracie is a twelve-year-old girl who goes to this school near her home. She is timid and only loves to sit in the corner and read her books. Unlike her other two best friends, Makena and Donald, are very determined to find the truth about the creature that resides at the back of the Principal’s office. Gracie has no other choice but to go along with the plan to help at the school canteen to gain access to the Principal’s office.

Their plan to crawl at the back of the Principal’s office did not turn out well. Gracie finds herself dealing with the one and only one person that she and all the other children in school are terrified of, Frank.

The rumour spreads rapidly at the school playground. Nobody believes that Gracie has no magical power. Despite her constant denial that the mythical creature did not give her magic power, everyone thinks that she is still telling a lie. Gracie’s sudden popularity in the school puts her in a difficult situation because of a promise to a friend to keep his secret.

On A Personal Note: This story was inspired by my memories of my school days when we were very young, naive, and when fantasies seem all real to us.

Watch out. It will soon be available through Amazon.

romance books

Contemporary Romance/Drama

Four people’s lives cross paths where lies and intrigues live to the very core of their hearts. It will test their loyalty and personal values. Secrets and lies will unfold before their eyes. How each of them will face the pain that causes them to be unhappy will surprise you.

On A Personal Note: THINNER THAN WATER” is a completed manuscript, but there is still so much work to be done to get it to its final stage. Next time you visit my site, I will give you brief sketches of my characters in this story. Let me know what you think of it too.