Not every beautiful poem rhymes
and not all fascinating stories have
happy ending.



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Phenomenal Woman

Every year, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated in many countries worldwide on March 8 to honour all women and celebrate women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements.   Today, I would like to share a beautiful poem by Maya Angelou. “Phenomenal Woman” is one of Angelou’s most famous poems, and it celebrates the most … Continue reading Phenomenal Woman

Visual Writing Prompts: What do they really think?

It is hard to write and stay focused when there is so much noise around us. News of war, fights, and disasters are pretty overwhelming, taking our attention away from our writing activities. Sometimes, we just don’t know what to write, or we are experiencing a slowdown in our writing process. Many of us are … Continue reading Visual Writing Prompts: What do they really think?

Some Women are…

Some people say women are difficult to understand. But I say women are strong and confident. There are women who are complex and mysterious, but sophisticated and independent. Some women are strong-willed and compassionate, and some are sweet and quite brilliant. Some are mothers, daughters, or sisters, but some are leaders or protectors. But women, … Continue reading Some Women are…

Rhythm and Rhymes: The Earth on its Knees

The Earth on its Knees I hear so much anger all about me  When a scarlet glow burns me to a crispA strong cyclone crushes my glorious land              Then a severe drought shed leaves in stress. When a fierce earthquake shakes my restless coreThe avenging floods purge out the debrisTo the half-conscious, guilt is deep-seatedBut … Continue reading Rhythm and Rhymes: The Earth on its Knees

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