About Me

Hello there. Just in case you’re wondering how I got here, well, that makes the two of us. I’ve been trying to figure it out myself too, but all I can think of is that my deepest desire to write and share my experiences with everyone is what brought me here. It was a childhood dream, and I am still chasing it.

I indulge myself in daydreaming immensely. Who doesn’t? I feel better hopping into my fantasy world and be the person I wished I was and be in a place where nobody had been before. It sounds crazy, but that’s where I derived my intense feeling of wanting or wishing for something. Most of the time, they are all stored away in the corner of my mind. 

I wrote my first poem when I was fifteen which I submitted to our school competition. It took second place and was later published. It was hard to describe the feeling of seeing my name in print, and I believed this was what inspired me to keep on writing. I did not read a lot of books when I started. I just went ahead and wrote endlessly.

My writing is always inspired by decades of experience as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a friend. After years of simultaneously studying and working, I got married and had two children. Since then, I did a lot of catching up with my writing. I’m older now, but I haven’t stopped chasing my dream. I wrote my first romance novel in 2008 but hesitated to let anybody read my book. It wasn’t good enough, I thought. I was quite embarrassed to tell anybody about it. I hid my manuscript at the bottom of my drawer for so many years. I love a good romance, but I also love watching action-packed mysteries. It keeps me at the edge of my seat.

I experimented with various forms of writing such as poetry, short story, and novel. I love collecting inspirational and motivational quotations too. I even wrote my own quotes. Don’t worry, I will let you read some of them.

My latest work is writing for young children. I completed this book and is now ready for everyone to read. I write under the name Ninagracia.

I am also proud of my involvement with my community as a volunteer tutor.

Remember the novel that I kept in the bottom of my drawer? I don’t know what got me to do it, but I finally took it out, dusted it, and I am now ready to put my heart and soul into this project. No other job will make me happy except becoming a published author, writing nothing but novels and see my debut romance novel out there ready for everyone to read.