“Back to Work Blues” and Writer’s Block

It is the beginning of the working week for the year 2020. Some of us are probably still feeling tired and lazy.

Some are wrapped up with plans and seriously thinking that something positive could happen this year. Of course, it’s New Year – a new idea, new hope, and a new beginning.

We all want to have a fresh start. That is what the new year means for all of us. It marks a new beginning – to restart and to do things better.

The holiday season may be a welcome break for all of us, but to others, it is a bit of disruption to their daily routine.

The gap between Christmas and New Year is so small, only one week to be exact. Yet, it felt like it was a lengthy vacation.

We allowed ourselves to overindulge with all the things we would never do in our regular daily routines. We drank too much alcohol. We ate junk foods, lots of sweets, stayed up late at night, and the list could go on and on.

Then, we all must face reality. We must go back to work.  

Going back to work to continue what we left behind is a struggle. It is hard to go back to our desk that was once cluttered with notes and papers, and where all electronic devices never get turned off.

Somehow, we must return to our desk to continue what we left behind during the festive season.

Whatever we have on our plate this year, our writing should always have a spot in our busy calendar. Otherwise, it will never get done.

I could understand the feeling of being a little bit anxious, especially turning on that computer again and thinking about what to write.

We feel that we have lost our momentum in writing. No matter how much we shake our heads, nothing is coming out, not a word or a single idea.

It felt like we are facing a brick wall, and we could not see anything behind it.

We want to break that wall in front of us, so we could think again, but it seems harder and frustrating.

It is hard when you are still feeling nostalgic about your vacation and wishing it never ended.

It is hard too when all you could think of is to check your social media content for photos and messages from your friends and families.

We shared a good laugh and memorable moments with them. Reminiscing those times how we acted silly and funny, and it was perfectly okay with them. Wiping off that smile on our face was hard because that was the only time, we let ourselves lose and vulnerable.

And that should have been enough.

Instead, we couldn’t shake them off our heads. We yawned in front of that bright screen on our computer. Our heads are empty. That brick wall in front of us seems to get bigger and taller. We couldn’t see anything except flashbacks of the best Christmas break we had.

Our daily writing routine would slowly come back to us. Perhaps, we would have already thought of something better to make our working schedules more achievable.

To ease back to work would take a little bit of time. But, whatever you do, make sure that it doesn’t take you that long.

There is no excuse for why we couldn’t write. We had our breaks, our time out from the daily grinds in our life.

It’s time to go back to work.

If we continue to make excuses, we will never write again.


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