It’s Never Too Late to Write Your Book

This is the last series of “My Personal Journey as a New and Emerging Author”. I hope I was able to give you a bit of insight into my writing journey and encouragement to keep on writing in order to achieve your writing goal. After all, we all want the same thing – be an author.

Every new undertaking is not easy. It requires discipline and dedication to achieve a goal, and being a new author is one of them.

It was not a decision I made overnight, nor something I planned for a very long time.

Writing to me is like a seed that I plant on the pot. I water that seed to grow, and then I nourish that seed to blossom and bear flowers or fruits afterwards.

That seed represents my desire to write, and the flower or the fruit I reaped from that plant gave me a sustainable amount of knowledge and skills to pursue a dream.

This is what I do now – I write.

My journey is like a winding road. There is a lot of twists and turns. It is even harder when there’s no one showing you the way.

Our technology provided me with dozens of information from successful authors who worked their way to the top. Their experiences are like precious gems. They are valuable and priceless, and their generosity to share it with new authors like me are remarkable.

Yes, I read too. I am not a very enthusiastic person when it comes to reading. I dread long passages. Most definitely, I don’t have the patience to get to the “end” part of the story. I couldn’t wait to know the ending of the story. I am so bad when it comes to surprises, so sorry about that. I always jump straight to the final chapter. Silly as it may sound, but that is what makes me go back from the start and read the entire book afterwards.

I read to learn and to sharpen my skills. I read on the genre I like to write, and I also read other types that fascinate me.

I write too, and I write everything that comes into my head from poetry to stories of any kind. Sometimes, I write myself a letter when I am feeling unhappy.

These series of actions are something I have accustomed to doing over some time.

Some say it is better to stick to one genre to help me establish my own brand. I can’t entirely agree with that. I hesitated to do that simply because I’m not too fond of the idea of limiting myself to one genre.

I wanted to be able to entertain children and write children’s book too whenever some funny stories come to my head.

If I’m feeling over the moon, I wanted to be able to write romance and share that feeling to people of my age and take them with me to never-never land.

And of course, there will be moments that I like to play with words and rhyme them to come up with something inspirational.

I wish I could condense all of these into one BIG mighty word to make everyone’s writing journey easy, but there is no shortcut, unfortunately.

We all must go through the process, right from the beginning, step by step. There is no “finish line”. We must continue to move forward, learn new things, and meet new people. We should continue to grow and mature and evolve at the same time with the modern technologies that kept on changing minute by minute.

Our craft is a combination of skill and talent. They go hand in hand, and we cannot separate one from the other.

We are all born with the talent of some kind, but we need the right skill to harness that talent and make it come to life.

Anyone can write and so do you, and I can too, but it is up to us how far we want to go.

When I write, I go to a series of self-doubts that I am not good enough.

The truth is, there will always be someone who will be so much better than us. And there will be another one who will be heaps better than that “someone”. This cycle will keep on going on in the circle, and if we let that get into our heads, then writing becomes more difficult and challenging to conquer.

I doubted myself that I may not be good enough, but that is not the only thing that bugs me occasionally.

Am I too late to pursue this endeavour? Would I fit into the new generation of young and talented authors? These are like broken records that kept on playing at the back of my mind.

It scared me, so there were many occasions that I stopped and concentrated on doing other things as some people do.

But writing is so addictive. It is like a bar of chocolate that I crave to have, and if I can’t have one, it drives me nuts.

And so, I have no other alternative except to feed that addiction. I got that pen and paper and started to write…and then write some more until the lights on my brain begin to switch back on again.

I write to express my thoughts and feelings. I use words as my medium of expression – beautiful words, kind words, or inspiring words.

I stopped thinking about trying to fit into the new and young generations, and to all others who are a much better writer than me.

I write to entertain and inspire readers – that’s all and nothing else.

I still allow myself to dream. The good thing about dreams, it has no expiration date for as long as I wake up and make that dream come true.

Don’t let our age become a barrier to shine. We have good stuff to write. It’s all within us, packaged with maturity and experience.

It’s never too late to write your book. So write it!

Till next time, dream big and make it happen.

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