Prompts and Cues: Whose Pair of Jeans is this?

A few, many days at home and no place to go. Regardless of whether our mood to write has been pretty good or not, let us rev up our writing activities to lift our spirits once more.

These pictures may bring about stories in our minds or stir up memories of an event or emotion. The drawings are cheery, sweet, and somewhat silly, but funny. Along with this is a poem that may help us energise our writing activities. The quirky humour in the poetry may tickle our funny bones and spark our creative writing. You know, it’s like that sudden flash of light.

So here we go. Let’s all get started.

Caroline lives in a beautiful house

in a lovely street close to the doghouse.

She is too stingy to buy a clothesline

she’d rather dine with wine than pay a dime.

She hangs her washing every single day

at the backyard fence for the entire day.

Come hail and storm, or a drizzle of rain,

she whined and wailed, but she never refrained.


One stormy day, her jeans got blown away

flying, floating, trying to get away.

A dog chased the jeans to the nearby park

up high on the tree, he aimed for his mark.


Caroline cried, and she screamed at the dog

“Leave my jeans alone,” she ordered the dog.

“The cops are coming; you’ll be thrown in jail

for stealing my jeans; they’ll cut your toenail.”

A good Sergeant Woof promised Caroline.

“Let me take care of this, Miss Caroline.

I will handle your case with utmost care

I’ll make the dog pay, or I’ll shave his hair.”

“Why did you put me in jail, Sergeant Woof?

I didn’t steal the jeans; it’s mine, Sergeant Woof.

I paid for it, but I lost my receipt

I bought it at the shop on Kanine Street.

It’s true, it’s true; my name is Caroline.

And once again, my name is Caroline,

That pair of jeans is mine and truly mine.

I did not steal the jeans from Calvin Klein.”


Have fun writing. Till next time. Stay safe and take care of each other.


Illustrations by: NF May

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