Get Creative With Me: Valentine Poetry/Love Letters

Let’s talk about love

There is no other special day to talk about love except today, February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Every year we celebrate Valentine’s Day around the world. It is a romantic symbol of love and it is traditionally associated with symbols of heart, red roses, cards, and pictures of cupid.

We attribute love to romantic love or a secret love and admiration for someone.

Valentine’s Day is known for gift giving, and there is no better way of expressing your affection and admiration for your loved one except through poetry.

Poetry, in a grand manner is romantic and captivating.

On my Facebook Page, I invited everyone to join me celebrate Valentines Day by sending in your original creations of poetry or love letters to someone you love.

So, here’s a few of my own.




CRAZY FOR YOU (edited)


KISS ME! KISS ME! (edited)




MY TWIN SOUL (edited)


……and what about the good old fashioned love letters? It’s romantic, captivating, and straight from the heart.

Here’s a beautiful love letter from Adam to her new fiance…


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