Anzac Day

Every year on April 25, we observe ANZAC Day as a national day to honour the members of the Australian New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who served and died in the first world war.

It is time to reflect and remember the harsh reality of war and the lives that were destroyed and lost serving our country.

And, what does it mean for someone if you happened to have your birthday on April 25?

“Every year on my birthday, I have that kind of feeling that makes me feel lucky and proud that I was born on an extraordinary day.

I also feel that today, alongside with the men and women who served and died for our country, we should also honour everyone working in the front line fighting a different battle during this challenging time in our country in order to keep us all safe from the horror that COVID-19 has brought us.”


To a young and beautiful lady, you are loved and cherished, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



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