Get Creative With Me: Christmas Thoughts

We all get reminded that Christmas is just around the corner. There are galore of colourful Christmas decorations in the shopping centres. We hear carols on the radio, which prompt us to sing along occasionally with those old favourite Christmas songs. The television has non-stop advertisements of gifts for the young and the old, and there are countless recipes for the coming festivity. Let us not forget too, that there are numerous requests for a charitable donation.

As soon as December slides in, we feel the change in the air, somewhat cooler in some countries, and warmer in other countries. Just like the weather, people change too when Christmas is near. We feel obligated, or nevertheless, encouraged to be good and kind to others, and most of all, to give to those who are in need. In other words, be generous.

So, why wait for December to be good and kind to other people. It looks like that this is the only time of the year where we can fit kindness and generosity into that small gap in our lives for those who need help the most. What about the other eleven months of the year? What do we do with those?

A few days ago, I invited everyone on my Facebook page to join me and celebrate Christmas by sending in Christmas poetry or letters.  Dedicate your original creation and extend good wishes and that special feeling to family and friends, or to someone you love.

So, let me start this first. I wrote my poem many years ago, and I want to share this with you.

To all the victims of the bush fire across Australia, let’s give each other a gift of hope.

Christmas Thoughts

Christmas brings
a special feeling
that bonds friends and family
to a heartstrings.

Our good wishes
that is warm and true
bring days of happiness
and take away the blues.

Together we’ll make a wish
for the coming year
in the hope that God
would bless us all.

We’ll be friends
and truthful to ourselves
and give each other
the time we deserve.