Why Do Writers Write

The wait is over, and I am thrilled that my new website is finally here. Putting together a platform such as this is not an easy task. It may look simple, but there was so much time involved to come up to its completion. This site is my new address, and for the next coming weeks and months, I will welcome new friends and perhaps talk about our journey as an emerging writer. We could share our experiences, which could be helpful to other writers who might be going through the same struggles.

Why do we write? Some of us would probably shrug our shoulders as a quiet response to this question. It is not because we don’t have an answer to it, but merely we were caught off guard.  But the truth is, we all have something to say to one another. Whether it be an issue about a particular subject matter, or an event, a place, about an individual, even our personal experiences, prompt us to share it to everyone we know. Some people say it out loud, while others choose to write them down. No matter what it is about, we always have reasons why we write.

Regardless of what method of writing we use—a letter, poetry, an essay, or even a novel—some of us write to share information, while others write to educate us, to teach us, and others to tell stories. Whatever is behind our reason for writing, we are all storytellers in our way, and we write it in our method, style, and pacing.

To some people who don’t understand our passion, they say writing is not a job that will put food on the table, pay your mortgage, and your bills. We write to pass the time, according to them. It is a hobby to make ourselves useful instead of wasting our precious time. It’s not a job that makes you get up in the morning and work from nine to five. In other words, it is just a whim for a reason.

But for writers like us, it is not about the monetary rewards that we could gain from it. We are lucky if we get to that level in our career. It is not a money-making profession, especially for new authors. To us, it is merely our intense desire to write, to inspire our readers, and perhaps to pursue a dream.

The truth is, writing is a hard job, tedious, overwhelming and secluded. No matter what everybody says, it is something that is and will always be close to our hearts.

It is our way of communicating our intentions and expressing our feelings. It is our road map to reach other people from all four corners of the world. We tap into their imaginations, their deepest desire, and sometimes we strike tender emotional chords.

We are “Escape Artists”. We use our pen to whisk them away to where we want them to go. Our paper is their vehicle to take them to the other part of the world that only we have been before.

Our readers escape through our imaginations. They feel what we want them to explore, and they see what we saw. We planned and interfered with the events to make their adventure more exciting, reckless, and impulsive. Sometimes, we manipulate the landscape, even the weather. To make the journey more challenging, we choose the characters surrounding the events. We make them fall in love or despise each other. We allow our readers to live in awe. They laughed and cried with us, and they got outraged too.

Then, when we reached the “End”, with one flick of our fingers, we switch them back to the real world to let our readers know that their journey is over. We leave our readers amazed and sometimes captivated. And if we hear applause or a deep breath or a sigh, then, our job is done.

When we write, we leave an imprint to our readers the journey they took with us. It will forever reside in their memories how they connect to nature, when the cool breeze of the ocean touched their skin, the smell of the roses in the garden, and how deafening that thunder in the sky. Then, they would still hear our voice even after they put their book down.

I guess this is why I write.

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