Rhythm and Rhymes: Giving

When we hear the word “giving”, the first thing we think about is a GIFT.

We give gifts to establish or strengthen our relationships with our friends and family.

“Giving” means different thing to some people. It is an emotion we feel towards other people or even to our self.

Poetry is a gift that a writer can give to their readers to help them understand themselves and even make them think.

Here is a poem from The Little Book of Love Poems.

“GIVING” is written by Nora B. Cunningham. It is concise but direct, and it makes you think.

Take special note on the last line.

First, here is a snapshot of Nora B. Cunningham. From the information I gathered, here’s a little bit of who she was.

Nora Belle Cunningham was an American poet. She was born in Kansas on July 23, 1887.

Her first poem was published in “Youth’s Companion” in 1920, and her career continued for the next 55 years.

Her poems were published in magazines such as “Commonweal”, “Lyric”, “The Harp”, “Poetry”, and in newspapers such as “New York Times”, and “Kansas City Star”.

She never married and devoted her life caring for her invalid mother and a sister who became disabled by arthritis.

She died on September 28, 1975. Her papers and correspondence are archived in the collection at Wichita State University.

Meaning of the poem:

Giving is a short poem that conveys a powerful message that the author wanted to get across to her readers.

Her words were sharp and clear, that made it easy for her to connect to her readers.

The author spoke about self-love.

What she was saying was that giving was not all about love, care, and help, but it is also about helping the person you care the most to appreciate herself and her worth.

It is about liberating and giving herself a daily priority and a stamp of approval to become the person she wanted to be.

In this poem, I could only visualise what was going on the author’s mind. It made me connect with her like her desire to be a strong and independent person.

So, there you go. Feel free to send in your comment and views on this poem. I love to hear your opinion on this one.

Till next time, cheers!


The Little Book of Love Poems. (2002 ed.) Giving: Nora B Cunningham (late 19th  Century)

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