Pavlova, the Guinea Pig

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is finally here. After weeks of preparations, most of our time was consumed to buying so many gifts for friends and family.

Decorating your home and planning that great Christmas party is not easy. Before you knew it, the BIG DAY is already here.

After all these big fusses, what you want is throw yourself on the couch to rest your aching feet. 

You waited for so long for that holiday break from your busy schedules at work and family. Let us not forget too, that you have been dreaming that long and uninterrupted sleep-in for so many days.

Well, Christmas has its way of making us happy like the music we hear, the gifts we received, and the food we eat.

We are always getting spoilt with so many delicious foods, especially desserts, and excuses for skipping dessert is not welcome this time of the year. No one wants to be on a diet on Christmas!

So, who likes Pavlova, anyone?

No, not that kind of pavlova.


This kind of Pavlova, our little guinea pig with fluffy brown fur. He wears a white crest on top of his head like a crown. . .

He can’t resist the sweet smell and the bright colour of strawberries

So, he stole some strawberries from the pavlova (the dessert)

PAVLOVA is my upcoming project for young children.

I still have no idea how the story about Pavlova will turn out, but I will update everyone on the progress of this book. I am sure it’s not going to be hard to come up with a story because he is such a cheeky little thing.

Alongside with my contemporary romance novel, Thinner than Water, this book is for people like us who still believe that love is a beautiful piece of art.

The story is packed with drama, intrigue, and struggles to beat the odds. It is still a work in progress, but you’re all welcome to have a peek on the development of this book.

For the meantime, let’s have pavlova. Yes, the dessert!

Merry Christmas.